Mark Weston, Partner – Arcadia Consulting – APAC

Mark Weston is a consultant, speaker and facilitator with over 15 years working with individuals and teams to drive superior performance.

Mark’s fascination with the impact of mindset on performance has driven him to understand why people with the same opportunities and background achieve contrasting results. The question being “What’s the difference that makes the difference?”.

Whether working with elite athletes or high achieving business people, he believes that mindset is a key factor and that specific behaviours can have a dramatic impact on performance.

The fear that you can never outperform your identity, means that we create our own glass ceilings and ultimately limit performance. Mark’s skill is to build a more dynamic identity, eradicating inhibiting beliefs, driving individuals and organizations to actions which achieve a higher level of performance.

Working with some of the world’s leading organizations, Mark works at the heart of change programmes, aligning people performance with organizational direction.