Katrina North – Director, Financial Services, Ernst & Young (EY)

Meet Katrina North, Director, Financial Services, Ernst & Young (EY)


Our interview with Katrina

Can you introduce yourself in a couple of sentences?

Katrina North, “Happy Strategist”, elder, lifelong learner, passionate inclusion advocate and futurist. Excited by exploring and promoting how leadership “shows up” within an eastern cultural context, contrasted to an Anglo-Saxon context. Determined to enable a necessary change of the inclusion narrative within the context of the future of work.  Connector of people and ideas, generous sharer. Experienced Asia Pacific executive, international speaker and facilitator, enabler of others and a walker of my talk.

When did you first get involved in gender equity and why?

As long as I can remember, I a the youngest of 6 with a significant gap between myself and the rest of my siblings, I grew up with both my parents working and without there being a significant pay gap between them – being able to be all that you can and empowering others to be all they can be is part of my DNA.

And what about men?

As women I think we need to change the way we engage with men – it needs to be a much smarter and more sophisticated conversation and interaction if we really want to change the dynamics. 

What is your opinion on gender equity in HK?

In many ways HK has more supportive infrastructure for women in terms of easy access to domestic assistance and a cultural bias for women in finance for example. In other ways, HK has a long way to come in terms of flexibility and alternate ways of working – being smarter in what work we do, how and when.

What are some key challenges you are facing (or in general)?

Enabling flexible working in all its forms, promoting and enabling parental leave and building and enabling an inclusive culture.

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