Amplify your D&I strategy with psychological assessments

Psychological assessments are some of the most powerful but under-appreciated enablers of D&I strategies available.

In this presentation Henry Chamberlain will look into the focus of assessments in terms of being lead measures (forward looking predictors of potential) and lag measures (reporting perceived effectiveness of behaviour after the fact). 

Henry will explore the benefits of psychological assessments from an organisational perspective and individual perspective. How these tools can be utilised by organisations to identify and select talent more fairly and objectively.

Once talent is identified, how both individuals and organisations benefit by the ability to create individualised development plans based on the unique strength and development needs of each talent.

Finally, Henry will share a case study of a practical application of psychological assessments to create strategic talent audits that could inform and drive more powerful and objective talent identification strategies. 

Henry’s in-depth talk is followed by the panel ‘Meaningful Metrics of HR and Inclusion‘  which will discuss and elaborate on how Return On Investment (ROI) of D&I and HR initiatives gets measured, as well as which methods of quantitative and qualitative analysis can be used to get an insight into how industry leaders and peers achieve the best D&I and HR results.