At the Gender Equity Conference, we link an increase in financial performance for companies to closing the gender equity gap. In an era where the number of women represented in the workplace is low, with only 55% of women working in Hong Kong – this is lower than Australia, china, Japan and Singapore, and where only one third of management is female, there is money to be made on both sides of the fence—for female employees and for the enterprise. 

In order to reach our end goal, we have over the past 4 years looked at different ways business is bringing clarity and purpose to this conversation. Progress has been made, business is investing in its workforce and workplace.

Once there is broad awareness of the opportunity, we can work together to take positive steps toward its realisation.

The goal of the Gender Equity conference has always been to address and solve the issues surrounding gender equity and to monetise its impact on business.

Shedding light on the topic, bringing men into the conversation, and opening up space for intelligent dialogue and healthy tension is bringing us closer to the objective of closing the gender equity gap.