Diversity & Inclusion has become a top priority. The research is extensive and conclusive, particularly in relation to gender balance. It is time to act and prepare internally to welcome this much needed change, which leads to improved performance by a significant margin. Research has proven how gender-diverse companies outperform their peers not just financially, but creatively and through increased collaboration.

Our Story

In 2016, the first Gender Equity Conference, co-organised by FLEXImums was held with international gender equity experts, senior representatives of organisations who have made changes to improve gender balance and professional women to openly discuss and debate on how to improve gender-balance and women in leadership in Hong Kong.

The 2nd Gender Equity Conference took place late September 2017 with a focus on Fixing the leaking female pipeline.

As the D&I narrative is evolving, we work closely with the experts and our attendees to bring talks, panels and workshops that support the D&I of organisations in Hong Kong and regionally.

In 2018, the conference was titled Empowering High-Potential Female Talent. We had a closer look at how coaching, mentorship and sponsorship programmes play an essential part in career development and progression for high-potential talent.

Following the success of the past 3 years, the 2019 conference will look into different layers of Inclusion & making initiatives count. The 4th edition will focus on policy, measurement and engagement.

2016 conference
2017 conference

2018 conference 

Why Attend

Objective: To provide concrete evidence and practical ideas to change attitudes and business practices to empower corporations to create inclusive and gender-balanced workplaces.

Speakers and Panelists: Global and Asian Gender Equity experts, active supporters and senior representatives.

Programme format: 1-day conference programme with headline speakers, panel discussions, workshops, reflection time and networking.

Who should attend?

  • Business and Team leaders
  • Diversity and Inclusion Team
  • Learning and Development Team
  • Talent and Development Team
  • Human Resources Team
  • Committee members of Women Network
some HK gender equality facts
13.8 %
women on boards (HSI)
- 22 %
pay gap women vs men
29 %
women in managerial positions
202 yr
till closing the economic gender gap

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